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We're OPEN! Covid-19 Update

Dear Dining by Design Family,

I am grateful for your continued trust in me and my services. In the current situation, it is important for all of us to move smarter and more consciously. I am writing to keep you updated on the actions being taken to further provide safe and effective service as Nevada enters Phase 1 of reopening today. I am still monitoring the status and potential risk of exposure to the COVID-19 for myself, clients and families in my care. Below I have listed an outline of enhanced safety practices and changes to service offerings.

Enhanced Practices:

As a Personal Chef, I am continuously focused on high sanitation and hygiene standards. However, I am currently taking extra care within your homes as well as along my path to you to ensure the highest standards within given CDC guidelines. During this time, I am requesting clients still limit presence in the kitchen while I am preparing meals as well as provide a bin to keep household dishes contained away from the areas being used as my “office”. Along with my practice of sanitizing hands and carts upon entering and leaving grocery stores, I am continuing to limit the number of trips I make. I consolidate your grocery list enacting a one trip per client practice. This means, all groceries for the week will be purchased versus making a trip for each day of service as usual. I have also implemented a practice of sanitizing work surfaces in each client's home before and after service. In addition, I have completed COVID-19 Precautions for Food Service Workers as well as Food Safety Handler Certification. Most of my clients have medical needs-based diets plus health concerns, and I am fervent in continued efforts to safeguard my well-being as well as yours. During service, only I handle your food during shopping, from the grocery store, to my car, into your kitchen, through preparation, packaging and storage. There is no need to worry about pickup, delivery, freshness, cross-contact and contamination, questionable cooking practices or multiple people coming into contact with your meals.

Changes In Service: I am currently working on options to ensure that I can not only continue to provide you safe and effective service but also continue my mission to make your lives easier when the world around you delivers curveballs and challenges. In this effort, I am working to provide extended, and simplified, meal service. Recipes are being streamlined to use items most likely available in the store and based off pantry items you commonly already have. In the coming days I will introduce options for freezer meals to last you throughout a possible quarantine revision or extension. These meals are also a great idea to have on hand should the meat shortage continue and second wave of Covid-19 hit as expected in the fall. This is a fun opportunity to use up any items held over in your freezer or unique finds from your travels! Pantry clean-out and stocking is still offered to make sure you are prepared whatever may come next. If you are interested in these services please reply to this email or visit the Contact page. Keep an eye on my Menu page for more updates including a "Quarantine 15" eating plan for those wishing to shed those extra pounds gained from the lock-down. I am here to listen to your concerns and accept your input on how I can best serve you during this time.

Thank you for continuing to trust me with your food and healthy lifestyle goals.

Remember that a healthy lifestyle is not just what you do in the moment but how you move and live in all moments. Also remember to stay focused on the things that bring you joy even in this time of uncertainty.

Best, Brandy Owner - Dining by Design

Fitness and Nutrition Chef

Health and Wellness Coach

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